Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes of the Ring-PS3美版代購

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Lucha 自由AAA:英雄之戒-PS3美版代購


Featuring a never before seen ’Mask Editor’, the game’s ’Create a Fighter’ feature allows players to design their own luchador

Unique to Lucha Libre is the fact that wrestlers need to gain the support of the crowd in order to win the match

Whether playing as a Tecnico (Good Guy) or a Rudo (Bad Guy), the Lucha Libre style of wrestling features a fast and acrobatic style of gameplay

Gamers may play as any of 30 different real-life luchadores featured in the AAA League. All fighters retain their own signature movements, taunts, and alignment with either the Tecnicos or the Rudos

In Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring matches will take place in the same arenas used by the AAA, as well as, locations which are representative of the Mexican culture and Lucha Libre legend



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